Leonardo DiCaprio became the ultimate Hollywood heartthrob after starring in the blockbuster epic Titanic in 1997 . Yet, somehow, on Tuesday night's premiere of Titanic 3D in London, DiCaprio wasn't present alongside Kate Winslet and the film's other stars to celebrate. So what gives? Is Leo dissing the Titanic reboot?

Maybe not. DiCaprio was busy filming a new Quentin Tarantino film with an all-star cast, including Inception-costar Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Titanic director James Cameron said DiCaprio was totally on board with the 3D reboot, even he couldn't be there to see the final product. 

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic

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However, Cameron did show Leo a portion of the film a few months back, and said that DiCaprio was totally shy about seeing his younger self on screen!

For Winslet, however, seeing herself 15 years younger was more of a confidence boost. "I think I look better 15 years later," she told E!. "I like the way I'm aging, it's nice. I don't have any secrets, I just try to have a positive attitude."

So don't worry, Titanic fans, the movie simply made Leo such a big star, he couldn't get away from his new projects to check it out! As for me, I'll definitely be waiting in line to see a young Leo in 3D when the film comes out on April 6th.

Will you be checking out Titanic 3-D?!

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