Hot on the heels of her "comeback" appearance on SNL, Lindsay Lohan is in final negotiations to guest-star on another high-profile show: Glee!

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TVLine announced yesterday that Glee has cast Lindsay in a role that is very familiar to her -- she'll be playing herself! So what are the circumstances surrounding Lindsay's guest appearance on the musical extravaganza series? Well, word on the street is that she'll be a judge when McKinley's glee club New Directions goes to nationals!

Other celebrities who have guest-starred in a "judge" role on Glee in previous seasons include Josh Groban and Olivia Newton-John. The established rule of thumb for these high-profile guest appearances on Glee is that the celebs usually make fun of themselves in some way while on the show. And we all know Lindsay's got a lot of joke fodder to work with!

Lindsay's guest role on Glee is somewhat suprising, considering how often the show has made fun of her in the past. Gwyneth Paltrow's character Holly Holiday made fun of Lindsay's stints at rehab and the show also once named Lindsay's mother Dina Lohan "Loser of the Year."

Linday's episode is scheduled to air toward the end of this season!

Will you tune in to see Lindsay Lohan on Glee?

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