We recently reported that Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine is putting out his own line of men's and women's fragrances called 222. But now the plot thickens -- it turns out he hates celebrity fragrances! So then... why is he doing one?

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"I know there's a stigma attached to [celebrity fragrances]," Adam told People. "A stigma that I fully understand because I, too, hate the idea of a celebrity fragrance, absolutely, 100 percent." And we believe that he means it, too -- back in March of last year, he tweeted, "I would like to put an official ban on celebrity fragrances. Punishable by death from this point forward." Punishable by death? Those are words of a man who has some pretty strong opinions! But then the question remains... why is he putting out a fragrance?

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"I kind of thought to myself, 'Well I’m interested infashion and there’s a lot of things about it that could be really cool if doneproperly,'" he said. "So I want to do a thing that’s never done properly.That’s my goal." Hmm, so he's putting all this work and effort into a fragrance that he doesn't care about just to prove that other celebrities are doing it all wrong? Seems to me this is more a case of, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

Adam's The Voice co-judge Christina Aguilera finds his 180 on the celebrity fragrance issue hilarious. She recently tweeted a link to his original Twitter comment from last year and wrote, "Haha @AdamLevine. What a difference a year makes! Welcome to the celebrity fragrance family!"

What do you think of Adam Levine's confusing stance on the whole celebrity fragrance issue?

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