Nick Cannon has really been through the wringer, health-wise, these past few months! He recently told People all about his health problems and his autoimmune disease diagnosis.

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Nick Cannon in a white hat at the 2011 Kids Choice Awards

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Cannon was hospitalized in January for kidney failure and again in February for blood clots in his lungs. "The blood clot thing was probably the scariest because I've known people have passed away from that," he said. "I thought I was getting better, and then that happened, so that kind of came out of nowhere."

He was finally diagnosed with a kidney-related autoimmune disease that he described as being a "lupus type of thing." "It's a lot of stuff, but it's all in order now," he said. But even so, it's "something I'm going to be living with all my life."

How is all of this affecting his work and family life?  Well, he already left his radio show job to focus on getting better. He's also trying to spend as much time as possible with his wife Mariah Carey and their baby twins. "I feel blessed to be alive," he said. "If it wasn't discovered, I don't know [what would have happened]."

Scary stuff, but we're glad Nick is on the road to recovery!

What do you think of Nick Cannon's decision to talk so openly about his health scare?

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