The moment all Pretty Little Liars fanshave been waiting for FINALLY happened last night – ‘A’ was revealed! But, itcouldn’t go down without some sort of twist at the end, right? Yup, turns outthere isn’t just one person behind all of the harassment the four girls havebeen facing the past two seasons – there’s a whole team!

Chelsea Briggs explains it all in today’sHollywire Hot Minute!

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Staying true to the books, Hannah’s BFFMona Vanderwall was revealed as the one behind the mask of ‘A.’ But the episodequickly took a sharp turn when it was exposed that she hasn’t been workingalone. An entire team of ‘A’s’ have been behind all of this all along! Whoknew?! With the Mona-as-‘A’ shocker, the tables have turned as to who could beworking alongside her during all of this. Jenna? Melissa? Lucas? Ezra? Maybeeven Caleb?!

What did you think of last night’sepisode? Also, who do YOU think is working with Mona?! Let us know!