How great would it be to have Ryan Gosling star as themastermind behind the great classics like Mickey Mouse and Snow White? Yes, I’mtalking about Mr. Walt Disney. After seeing this movie poster circulatingaround the web, many believe that this could be a magical dream come true whenactually it’s just artwork!

French artist Pascal Witaszek created a faux movie posterfor Walt, the story of “a mouse and a man” starring Ryan Gosling and directedby Ron Howard. Um, and this movie isn’t happening because…?

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The mock movie poster of 'Walt' featuring Ryan Gosling

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According to The Huffington Post, Witaszek, speaking aboutthe connection between Disney and Gosling, said, "It seems that a lot ofpeople share this funny association between two talented people."

Based on the reaction the movie has been receiving, I reallywouldn’t be surprised if a script got written up very quickly and somebody willbe on the phone with Ryan and Ron any day now!

What do you think about Ryan Gosling starring in a biopicabout Walt Disney? Could you see it? 

Photo Courtesy of  Pascal Witaszek & Fame Pictures