March is that weird "limbo" time of year, whereit's not too hot and not too cold, and this week we've noticed different celebrities handlingthe indecisive March weather in different ways. Some stuck with belted springjackets, some were defiant against the lingering chill in the air and sportedshort, patterned dresses, and some opted for a mix of the two, pairing springclothes with winter accessories.

Check out how some of Hollywood's biggest stars are combating the unpredicatable weather of almost-spring -- and then maybe even use their looks as inspiration for your own!

Trend 1: WinterAccessories

Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale mixing spring clothing with winter accessories

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Though spring is right around the corner, many starsaren't ready to let go of winter just yet. So instead of doing a full-on swapof their winter wardrobe for their warmer-weather gear, a big trend lately isdressing for spring, but keeping winter accessories.

Zac Efron wasrecently spotted wearing a knit hat with a lightweight denim jacket and whitet-shirt. His outfit says spring, but his head is nice and cozy warm. Zac's High School Musical co-star Ashley Tisdale decided to forgo thejacket completely and opt instead for a thin sweater – paired with a big,snuggly winter scarf.

Trend 2: BeltedSpring Jackets

Katherine Heigl and Leighton Meester in belted spring jackets

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For those of us who always like to keep a jacket with usin case the weather suddenly turns chillier than expected, belted lightweightjackets like those Leighton Meesterand Katherine Heigl have beenspotted wearing recently might be the perfect answer.

Katherine's short belted jacket is feminine and flirtywith the poofy sleeves and oversized bow, and the bright yellow color isperfect for bursting out of the dreariness of winter and plowing directly intospring.

Leighton Meester wore her classic belted trench coat onthe set of Gossip Girl in New Yorkthis week. It's slightly longer than Katherine's jacket, but just as stunning –the pale cream color is perfect with Leighton's coloring, plus she looks warmand comfortable!

Trend 3: ShortPatterned Dresses

Katy Perry and Reese Witherspoon in short, patterned dresses

Some celebs showed the unpredictable March weather who wasboss this week by skipping spring and plunging straight into summer. One veryhot trend right now is short, patterned dresses. Since patterns can be prettymuch anything, this is one trend that allows you to be fashionable and currentwhile still getting a chance to show off your individual personality.

The super-short, skin-tight patterned dress that Katy Perry wore to the Maison Du Caviarparty in Paris fit perfectly with her edgy, rock star style. Plus, she's one ofthe only people in the world who have the body to pull that kind of look off.

Reese Witherspoon,on the other hand, also chose a short, patterned dress but the light blue andwhite pattern and a-line silhouette was much more fitting of her personalstyle.

Check out all the different ways Hollywood celebs foughtthe quirky March weather in our photo gallery and let us know which looks youlike best!

Photos courtesy of Fame Pictures