Continuing our coverage of SXSW 2012, we bring you yet another sit down with a spectacular band that you can pretty much guarantee you’ve heard of. Dragonette is well-known for their single Hello with Martin Solveig, as well as I Get Around. Ring a bell? We thought so.

The female part of Dragonette, Martina, chatted with Chelsea Briggs at the Oakley & Banana Beat SXSW Austin Artist Lounge Powered by BODYARMOR Superdrink in Austin, Texas and gave some inside details on their third album!

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With a new single coming out sometime this month and a new album dropping as well, fans can expect the usual from Dragonette: everything will sound different! SXSW, by the looks of it, is only the beginning of a crazy, hectic, yet successful 2012 for them!

What do you think of Dragonette?