She might be 53, but Madonna hasn't lost her touch at stirring up controversy! Her latest scandal? Television networks are claiming her Truth or Dare fragrance commercial is too hot for TV! Watch it here:

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Not so bad, right? It's not any worse than any other celebrity fragrance ad where there are naked couples rolling around under the sheets together and stuff like that! Well, according to the New York Post, ABC network executives think this ad IS worse. And they're refusing to air it unless some changes are made!

Amongst their demands: digitally make her bra larger so it covers up more of her chest, digitally make her corset longer so it covers up more of her butt, and cut the scene where she is "writhing around" entirely.

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The song playing in the commercial is Madonna's latest hit, "Girl Gone Wild." The music video for the song has also received its own share of controversy -- some people think it's too sexy to be seen by younger viewers, causing YouTube to place an age restriction on it!

So what do you think? Is Madonna's new ad really too hot for TV? Or are the network execs overreacting?

Video courtesy of YouTube