There could soon be another big death in Mystic Falls, as one of the central stars of The Vampire Diaries is headed to a new CW show! If you hate spoilers and don't want to know who the actor in question is, go no further! But if you want to know who it is and more about the new series that is taking him or her away from VD, scroll down!

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It seems everyone's favorite history teacher Alaric Saltzman might soon be on his way out of Mystic Falls, as Alaric's portrayer, Matt Davis, has just landed a leading role in a hot new CW pilot called Cult. Deadline is reporting that Cult is about a group of psycho-fans of a TV crime series who are recreating the murders seen on the show in real life. Matt will play Jeff, a journalist whose brother has gone missing. Jessica Lucas will co-star alonside Matt as Skye, a PA on the set of the crime series who notices something is wrong.

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Sounds like an awesome show, but I worry it means that Alaric's days are numbered. Sure, he could just leave town (like Jeremy did), so the window is open for him to return to good old Mystic Falls if things over on Cult don't work out... but anyone who watches The Vampire Diaries knows that they are SUPER fond of killing people off. It's one of the best things about the show -- you never get that complacent, everyone-is-safe feeling. On the other hand, their trigger-happiness means that sometimes we lose dearly beloved characters (Lexi, Aunt Jenna, Anna, Vicki...).

I hate when this happens! It's like when Jason Ritter was written off Parenthood because he got cast in The Event. It's great for the actors' careers, obviously, but it's very, very sad for those of us who love their characters!

Will you watch Cult when it comes to the CW in the fall?

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