Despite all the supernatural evilness always happening in Mystic Falls, the real heart of The Vampire Diaries is the love triangle. Should Elena (Nina Dobrev) be with Stefan (Paul Wesley) or Damon (Ian Somerhalder)? Every VD fan is on one side or the other (for the record, I'm a big time Delena-supporter, though I totally appreciate the sexiness that is Paul Wesley), and now Stelena fans can rest assured that though they may currently be off-again, Stefan and Elena are not calling it quits for good! Check out what Paul Wesley told TV Line about what's up next for his character on the show!

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Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries

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Now that Elena has seen Stefan feeding (that was the "heartbreaking"  moment in last week's episode teased by executive producer Julie Plec), Paul said that that's "just another reason [for her] to not trust him, another reason to push away from him[and] say, 'God, this guy is completely out of control, and not the one forme.' It brings to light the reality of their relationship, which is they’ve had so much darkness come betweenthem, it’s almost impossible to go back."

But don't worry, all hope is not lost!  "The fans should definitely maintain some hope," Paul said. "The thing to remember is thatStefan and Elena have this love that is so strong, and it was sort of the coreof Season 1 — you can’t entirely disregard that. The fans should definitely beaware of the fact that Stefan and Elena are very much a possibility." Okay, Paul, but WHEN? "I just feel like things have tohappen naturally, and I don’t want anything force-fed," he said. "I don’t want theaudience to get sick of any one relationship. Quite truthfully, I think theyneeded to break up — and I think eventually they’ll need to get back together."

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When asked about Stefan's road to Ripper-recovery, Paul replied, " I don’t think Stefan is going to, you know, go back toripping off heads and being maniacally out of control anytime soon, but I don’tknow. That’s one of the most important things about Stefan, that no matter howmoderate he becomes and how stabilized he is, in supporting that as an actor, Ialways convey that sense of danger around the corner, that he could potentiallybite somebody’s head off at any minute. That’s what makes him compelling andinteresting and dynamic."

I totally agree -- Paul Wesley's portrayal of Stefan's unrelenting internal battle between his evil and good sides is one of the best parts of the show. "Compelling and interesting and dynamic," indeed.

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Do you want Elena and Stefan to get back together? Or are you rooting for an Elena/Damon romance?

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