Did you know that before Megan Fox was the famous bombshellshe is today, she used to work in a smoothie shop? And I’m not talking aboutjust working behind the counter – she used to dress up as a fruit! No joke! Sheshared that story on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but by the looks of this video,Ellen DeGeneres already had somewhat of an idea about Megan’s previous employment.

Check out what I’m talking about below!

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While appearing to promote her new flick Friends With Kids-- out tomorrow -- Fox told Ellen about her work at a smoothie shop whereeveryday somebody had to dress up as a different piece of fruit. Right on cue,a man dressed as a banana snuck up on Megan and scared the living daylights outof her.

And, of course, Ellen played the tape back so the star could see herreaction. Classic! Leave it to DeGeneres to pull some sort of prank out of asimple story like Megan’s!

What did you think of Ellen’s prank?