Jon Hamm is the kind of guy who you can't help but love -- he's talented, funny, humble, and oh-so-adorable. And now that we know that he spent several years as a struggling actor in LA, barely able to make ends meet, we're even more glad that he finally got his big break and all the success he deserves! Check out his interview with Conan O'Brien where he talks about his unglamorous pre-fame past:

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In the interview, Jon admits that he had so many parking tickets that he was unable to pay that the City of Los Angeles finally took his car away from him -- and because the tickets were worth more than the car, he let them keep it! But then the only way for him to get around was to take the oh-so-reliable city bus and then rollerblade to his auditions. "There is not a worse look in the world than a dude skating down Highland Avenue," he said, laughing. He would show up "sweaty and stinky" to audition for things like soap commercials. And who said the life of a struggling actor isn't glamorous?

Finally he was given a free car by a friend -- the car was such a piece of junk that the convertable top wouldn't close, the driver's seat was held up by a piece of wood, and there was no gas gauge! But I guess even that's better than rollerblading and having to take the LA bus! I wonder what kind of car Jon drives now... I bet it's super fancy, to make up for lost time!

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Now that he has made the big time, there are tons of fan sites dedicated to his awesomeness. One of the best is Emotions with Jon Hamm, where people post photos of him making crazy faces and identify the corresponding emotion. Watch as Conan and Jon play along, coming up with such amazing emotions as "unfettered arousal" and "post-climax":

Mad Men returns to AMC after a 17-month hiatus on March 25!

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Videos courtesy of Conan / TBS