Justin Bieber is known to pull pranks on pretty mucheveryone in his life. So when MTV announced that they were bringing back AshtonKutcher’s hit show Punk’d, it’s no surprise they turned to JB to kick thingsoff.

In an upcoming episode, the new 18-year-old tricks pal Taylor Swift intothinking she ruined someone’s wedding with fireworks. Yes, fireworks. Take apeek at the promo below!

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In the trailer, Bieber gets Swift to set off fireworks justfor when. Of course, things get out of control and one of them lands on a boatwhere a couple is saying ‘I do.’ Well, it APPEARS they landed on the boat. Incomplete shock, Taylor says, “This is completely not okay!” After Justinfinally tells Taylor about the joke, she says to him, “You are the worst!”

How funny does this look?!  We’ve already seen a clip of Miley Cyruspranking Khloe Kardashian and we thought it would have been difficult to topthat one!

What did you think of Justin’s prank on Taylor? Her reactionis pretty epic, right?!

Video Courtesy of MTV