With another weekend coming to an end and we struggle to getthrough this Monday, why not sort out some pesky weekend rumors, shall we? Inthis week’s Weekend Rumor Mill, we’ll cover topics like Kim Kardashian’sjealously over Kourtney’s baby girl news, a new – and kind of strange – couple alert,Jennifer Aniston’s steamy one year anniversary gift to Justin Theroux and lotsmore! Check it out!

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian walking outside at night

When a family member announces they are having a littlegirl, most of us are nothing but ecstatic for them, right? Well, apparently notKim Kardashian! In Touch is claiming that when she found out about the sex ofKourtney's baby, “she was unable to hide her true feelings.” An insider toldthe mag Kim was “green with envy” over the exciting news. So what’s her way ofhiding her deep, dark feelings? She is now “trying to cover up her jealously bysplurging on so many clothes and toys for her unborn niece, you’d think she wasthe one expecting,” the mag said. Hm, I didn’t know spoiling your soon-to-be niecewith lots of gifts was considered a jealously thing. A Kardashian sourcesquashes the rumor and tells Gossip Cop that Kim is “not jealous. She’s veryhappy for her sister.” We didn’t doubt that for a second!

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Angelina Jolie at 2012 Oscars in leg-baring dress posing on red carpet

It wouldn’t be a weekend without some sort of Angelia Jolierumor, right? Whether it’s about a marriage to Brad Pitt or an affair with exBilly Bob Thorton, there’s always something involving her in the tabloids. Sotoday, we’re addressing her supposed baby bump she tried to hide at the Oscars!Remember, that series leg-baring dress she wore that had everyone talking?Well, according to Hollyscoop, that was just a diversion from her baby bump.The site claims that while nobody could tear their eyes away from Angie’s rightleg, “we all overlooked her belly!” Also, let’s not forget her pregnancy glowthat, apparently, she just couldn’t disguise! “Her whole demeanor that nightseemed to have that happy, expectant mother glow,” the site explains. Really?Maybe she just actually wanted to rock an incredible dress that showed someserious leg? It’s just a thought.

Jennifer Aniston posing with Justin Theroux (Getty)

Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend Justin Theroux have been going strong foralmost a year so that means it’s anniversary time! What does Jen have up hersleeve for her incredibly good-looking man? A sex tape apparently! “JenniferAniston plans to surprise beau Justin Theroux with a private home movie thatfeatures her own personal sex scenes from her new movie!” the National Enquirerstates. The mag writes the actress “filmed tons of racy footage” for Wanderlustand is “editing the steamiest outtakes into an adult film reel for Justin.” Asource explains that “Jen’s nude scenes and lots of the movie’s sexier scenesnever made it into the final cut,” so she “thought it would be a hoot” toassemble the removed sex content “into a one-year anniversary present forJustin.” A close source to Jen clears this steamy rumor up to Gossip Cop andsays the story is “totally false.”

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Collage of Rihanna and Miranda Lambert on the red carpet

It looks like we have another celebrity cat fight on our hands! Countrysinger Miranda Lambert has been very vocal about her opinions on Chris Brown,starting after his winning night at the 54th Grammy Awards. Rihannahas been caught up in the scandal after recording two remixes with Brown andbeen seen hanging with him at her own birthday party. While it appears thatRiRi has no problem with Chris anymore, she definitely has some choice wordsfor Lambert! According to the National Enquirer, “Rihanna got Miranda’s phonenumber from a mutual acquaintance. She told Miranda to worry about her ownrelationship because her husband is known for his wandering eye,” speakingabout Miranda’s husband Blake Shelton. Could this one be for real? We wouldn’tput it past Rihanna to stand up for herself, but would she really go as far asto call up Miranda to tell her to stop? You can be the judge on this one!

Collage of rumored couple Michelle Williams and Jason Segal

New couple alert! If I told you that Michelle Williams was dating JasonSegel, what would you think? Kind of a random hook up, right? According toLainey Gossip, the two were spotted having dinner together at Chateau Marmontwith Busy Phillips, which sounds harmless enough. But when Busy left early andthe two were alone, things seemed to get a little flirty! The site states thatWilliams and Segel stayed for a few hours and he had her laughing throughoutthe night, which sounds pretty typical. After paying the bill at 1:30 am, hereportedly tried to get her stay out longer. “She kept protesting like it wastoo late and he was all – what? This is early!” the site says. After agreeingto continue the night, they exited together through a side door. This couplemay sound a little farfetched, they would be cute together!

What story was the MOST outrageous to you? And what about the report ofMichelle and Jason? Do you think it’s super random?! Let us know!

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