The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived – JustinBieber has released his new single Boyfriend! Can we please talk about howamazing it is?! It’s no surprise that it has already created nothing but a ton ofviral buzz, but we want to know what YOU guys think of the song!

Chelsea Briggs gives you a listen in today’s Hollywire HotMinute!

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Shooting straight to the number one spot on iTunes in lessthan six hours, nobody can stop talking about Bieber’s new, more maturesounding single. Co-written by Mike Posner himself, it’s the first single offhis forthcoming album Believe, which is set to be released this summer.

What do you guys think of Justin’s new sound? Also, did youpick up on a little Justin Timberlake-vibe on it like we did? Let me know inthe comments below!