Adam Sandler's holiday flick Jack and Jill won big at the 2012 Razzie Awards on Sunday, however, this is no award show to get excited about winning at! For 32 years, the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation has been giving awards to honor the worst achievement of motion pictures throughout the year.

Sandler's flick won a record 10 out of 12 Razzies on Sunday night, with Sandler taking home the win for Worst Actor AND Actress, as he plays twins in the film. David Spade also won for Worst Supporting Actress, as he plays a cross-dresser in the film. The only reason the film didn't win for all 12 of it's nominations, is because it got more than one nomination in both the Supporting Actor and Actress categories!

Adam Sandler Stars as Twins in 'Jack & Jill'

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This record breaks that of Lindsay Lohan's 2007 film I Know Who Killed Me, which took home eight razzies, two of them being for Lohan because she played twins. Hey -- this might not be the most sought-after prize of the year, but it definitely puts some attention on the films that win, even if it is negative, right!?

Did you enjoy Jack & Jill?!

Photos Courtesy of: Fame/Flynet