"Life is good" for singer/songwriter Andy Grammer. He’s about to go on tour with two of his favoriteartists, Colbie Caillat and Gavin DeGraw, and his catchy single "Fine ByMe" is currently #6 on the VH1 top 20! Not bad for a former street performer!

ChelseaBriggs sat down with Andy on the Hollywirerooftop and talked touring, collaborations, fan tattoos, and so much more! Check it out:

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When asked if he’s a ladies' man, Andy replies, "Sure!" beforeadding the qualifier, "A respectableladies' man." And after meeting him, we totally believe it! He’s adorable,talented, and a nice guy -- it doesn’tget much better than that!

Before Andy made it big, he was actually a busker on theSanta Monica promenade. The best tip he ever got? 100 bucks from Alec Baldwin! Sweet!But now that he has hit the big time,his dreams are growing bigger, too: his dream collaboration is doing a songwhere he gets to beat box and sing the hook, while a famous hip hop artist raps.That sounds amazing!

Andy says that he hopes his music makes people happy, whetherthat means cheering you up after a breakup or making an already great day evenbetter. And we can personally attest to his songs' happy-making factor -- he performedacoustic versions of his hits "Fine By Me" and "Keep Your Head Up" for us! Don’tworry -- those videos are soon to come!

What’s your favorite Andy Grammer song?