James Franco: Oscar nominee, writer, artist, actor, holder of many a graduate degree... and pop music super-fan?! It sure seems that way! James posted this hilarious video of him lip-syncing to Selena Gomez's pop hit "Love You Like a Love Song" to his WhoSay account this weekend. Watch it below! (We promise, you won't be sorry!)

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How can you not love him even more after watching that? Not only does he know almost all the words to the song, but he could give even the world's best drag queen a run for her money in the expressive lip-syncing department! Plus, you gotta love an Oscar nominee who doesn't take himself too seriously.

James is sporting the cornrows for his role in the upcoming film Spring Breakers which stars Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, and Selena herself! Could James have posted this video as a shout-out to his co-star? Or could it be his own little way of publicizing the movie? Or does he just really love that song? I'm gonna have to go with the latter!

What do you think of James Franco's lip-syncing skills?

Video courtesy of WhoSay