Wednesdays are tough -- you're halfway through the week, but the pile of work on your desk seems to keep growing. Well, here’s something to be happy about – it’s time for  Go Viral!

So take a mental break with these hilarious videos that are putting the Internet into a tizzy. My favorite is so-dumb-it's-funny spoof trailer of Zac Efron's flick The Lucky One.

TheLucky One CENSORED Trailer

Leave it to Funny orDie to make an innocent, romantic Nicholas Sparks’-inspired film to a VERY weird place. Though I have to admit, after watching this revised trailer, I would maybe want to see this version of the movie... even though it would just be about Zac having a lot of sex. Okay, yeah, I'd definitely watch that.

ZachGalifianakis Tries to Make Imaginary Dog Talk

Howcool would it be if dogs could actually talk? In a preview of Scott Aukerman’snew IFC show Comedy Bang! Bang!, Zach takes on the task to make this dream ofpretty much every dog lover out there a reality. Unfortunately, it doesn’t goover as well as he had planned. But hey! A for effort!

CallMe Maybe Cowbell Remix

Thereis no escaping Carly Rae Jepsen and her super catchy tune Call Me Maybe.Seriously, lip-syncing videos and numerous covers are flooding the web everyday. And while the song is pretty close to perfect as it gets, there’s nodenying it’s missing one minor little detail – it needs more cowbell! Lucky forus, somebody decided to take merge the hilarity of Cowbell with the viral amazingness that is Call Me Maybe! I think Will Ferrell would definitely be proud of thisone.

MovieTrailer Guy Impression

There's always that one distinct male voiceover who is perfect for any dramatic movie voiceover. You know, the deep, dramatic voice guy? Well, he has some competition! This14-year-old (yes, he’s only 14) decided to show off his “skills” at recreatingthe well-known voice in this YouTube video. I think it’s safe to say he’ll be giving the go-to movie-trailer guy a run for his deep-voiced money. And just think what happens when this kid hits puberty...

"TheCalifornians" SNL Skit

Okay,when I watched this clip from last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, Iliterally had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. I can’t figure out if it’sthe plot, the voices, the endless list of freeways or the cast members trying to control theirlaughter during it. Regardless, this should probably be turned into afull-length series on Soap Net.

Which viral video was YOUR favorite? And don’tforget to share your favorite videos in the comments section below!