With Titanic coming back to theaters this Wednesday (yay!), Kate Winslet is opening up about how the movie has haunted her all these years -- and her recent interview with MTV News is absolutely hilarious!


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How does Kate feel whenever she hears the themesong to Titanic, Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On?" "Likethrowing up. No, I shouldn't say that," she says.But then, after some more thought, she admits, "No, actually, I do feellike throwing up... I wish I could say, 'Oh listen, everybody! It's theCeline Dion song!' But I don't. I just have tosit there, you know, kind of straight-faced with a massive internal eye roll."

She explains that any time she goes intoa bar or restaurant with a live pianist or a place where they inexplicablychange the music based on who walks through the door, they always play that song. "It's thrilling for people to surpriseme with the Celine Dion song," she says, laughing but clearly weary of thewhole joke by this point.

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And what about boat jokes? Oh yes, those haunt her, too. "Honestly,I actually now get onto boats and say, 'No jokes, OK? No jokes. Can we justmove on from that? And if you have any jokes, let's just get them out of theway right now. Thank you. Anyone? Jokes, jokes? OK, moving on.' And then theystill tell jokes." Of course, the most common request she gets is for herto reenact the front-of-the-boat "I'm flying!" scene from the movie.I can only imagine how annoying that must get.

But Kate is a great sport about the whole thing. She goeson to say that the movie looks amazing in 3D and that she's so glad that awhole new generation of young people will get the chance to experience it onthe big screen. I was in high school when the movie came out and it was thebiggest event ever -- we even had to go to the movie theater days in advance just tobuy the tickets. At least this new generation will be able to buy their ticketsonline and save themselves a lot of hassle!

Will you be going to see Titanic in 3D?

Photo courtesy of Fame Pictures / Video courtesy of MTV News