Brace yourselves, residents of Glendale, California – you couldbe seeing Kim Kardashian's name on a ballot in the near future! In an unairedclip from Sunday's episode of Khloe & Lamar,Kim tells her sister her plans to run for the mayor of Glendale (which is a part of Los Angeles county). Watch the clip here:

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"I decided I'm going to run for the mayor ofGlendale," Kim says as she and Khloe pass the Ross Perot Museum (who knewsuch a thing even existed?) in Dallas. "You have to have full residency inGlendale, so I'm trying to—" But then she gets cut off by a veryuninterested Khloe, who would rather talk about traffic and Ross Perot than here sister's political plans. But really, can you blame Khloe for not listening? Kim is infamous for changing her mind every five minutes -- abouther career, her relationships, and pretty much everything else!

But finally Kim gets the conversation back on track."I have to buy a house there," she says. "You have to have residency there, so… Noelleand I are looking into all the requirements and I'm literally gonna have a huge-- she's gonna help me with my campaign. 'Cause it's, like, Armenian town."

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So let me get this straight. 1) Kim Kardashian is goingto run for political office. (Don't sex tape scandals usually disqualify youfor that sort of thing?) 2) She's running for mayor of a town she doesn't even yetlive in. 3) She's chosen said town because there are a lot of Armenian peoplewho live there.

I don't know if that plan is going to work very well. Asan Armenian myself (represent!), I've found that Armenians generally aren't inlove with the Kardashians. So I'm not sure that they would vote for her fortheir mayor simply because she's Armenian. But hey, if she's really seriousabout it, more power to her. Kim certainly knows how to run a multi-million-dollar personal empire, so running a city shouldn't be too much of a leap (though it would involve less red carpet events and more city council meetings). And after all, ifArnold Schwarzenegger could become governor,anything's possible!

Would you vote for Kim Kardashian for mayor of your town?

Video courtesy of E!