And...the denial continues! Despite reports that Mila Kunis spent a romantic weekend away with her former That 70's Show co-star Ashton Kutcher, the actress is slamming rumors that the two are romantically involved.

While at the CinemaCon 2012 event, Mila laid it on the line plain and simple when asked about her rumored new beau by Extra. "A friend is a friend!" she said, after waving off her publicist who seemed to be telling her not to comment on the subject. Mila explained, "I don't comment on my personal life, but it's a friend!" The actress also said that she has been spending some time with the cast of the show lately, Ashton included, after filming for Fox's 25th Annviersary special of That 70's maybe it has just been a rekindling of an old friendship!?

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher at 'The Butterfly Effect' Premiere

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However, a source for People still insists that there is more going on, although it might not be too serious. "They're both single, having fun," the source explained. "There's nothing serious going on - just friends having fun." We can't forget that both Ashton and Mila starred in films about having friends with benefits last year, and we know both of those movies had a happy ending. SO, shouldn't they know from experience that if their relationship IS the "no strings attached" kind, it's probably going to turn into something more?! Come on -- life is JUST like the movies!

Ashton divorced from his ex-wife Demi Moore back in November, but has since been rumored to be dating film writer Lorene Scafaria and Rihanna. Meanwhile, Mila ended an eight year relationship with Macauley Caulkin last year, but hasn't been seriously linked to anyone else since. Oh, come on you two...just get it over with and date already!

Do you think Ashton & Mila are a couple?! If not -- would they make a good one?!

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