Nicki Minaj is known for her crazy, over the top antics and, of course, music videos. But did you know that her latest music video Beez in the Trap is actually dedicated to strippers? It’s true! All while rocking a leopard-print catsuit, Minaj breaks it down in the vid all while spitting out some pretty explicit words. But would we really expect anything less from our girl Nicki?

Chelsea Briggs breaks it down for you in today’s Hollywire Hot Minute!

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After releasing the video last week, Minaj spoke to MTV News and revealed that she wanted to honor the strippers in her life that have supported her from the very beginning. “When I was doing my mix tapes, I would perform in strip clubs, I would perform in clubs and it was just like some ofmy most die-hard fans would be in these places. I wanted to kinda like honor them – kinda honor my girls in the club and just say thank you for the support.”

Nicki never ceases to surprise us over her controversial songs and videos, but what are your thoughts on Beez in the Trap? Do you like the video or is it a little too much? Sounds off in the comments section below!