The hardest working man in Hollywood, Mr. Ryan Seacrest, istaking on yet ANOTHER job! He announced on the Today show this morning that hewill be joining NBC to cover the 2012 Summer Olympics in London! Seriously,does this guy ever sleep?!

“I’ve worked with the E! network for years, and NBCUniversal and E! are in the same family,” he told Matt Lauer. “The plan is forme to join the NBC family and continue to have a role at the E! network. Thefirst assignment will be to join the prime time team for the Olympics on NBC.”

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Close up of Ryan Seacrest for American Idol 

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After hearing about Seacrest’s plan to spill some pretty bigcareer news on the morning news show, many speculated that he was going to bereplacing Lauer since his contract with Today is due to end this year. But ofcourse the duo made a joke or two concerning the subject during their chat!

Matt cleared up any rumors of tension between the two andsaid, “Ryan and I are friendly. We have talked about this, we have joked aboutthis. There is no tension here.”

We have no doubt in our mind that one, there is any badblood between Ryan and Matt and two, that Seacrest will do a fabulous job with hisnew gig! I mean, come on! It’s Ryan Seacrest! He’s the best in the biz!Congratulations Ryan!

What do you think about Ryan’s new Olympic’s hosting gig? 

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