So, did you hear that Taylor Swift and One Direction singer Harry Styles are hooking up? Okay, well I don't actually think this is true, but rumor has it they both share a crush on one another. This is big news guys! Check out the details on this possibly 'soon to be' Hollywood couple, in today's Hollywire Hot Minute!

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Recent speculation that there's something going on between Taylor and Harry started after an interview with MTV News — where the fellas outwardly teased harry on the topic of Swift. In the video it was very apparent that Harry became bashful and embarrassed over the topic. Okay, so let's let this be evidence #1!

So how does T-swifty feel about all of this? Well an insider recently shared with the Daily Mail that our favorite country singer has shared the fact that she thinks the boy band member is a "hottie," with a handful of people. Apparently, at this year's Kids Choice Awards, she was seen half joking/ half seriously fannning herself down after Harry walked by her. Not to mention, we all saw the singer/soingwriter bopping along to the band as they took to the stage that same night!

So yea, no other evidence than this -- but I mean it's definitely something!

So what do you think? Would Taylor and Harry make a good couple? Or are you anti this love connection? Let me know your thoughts!