Tori Spelling has a five month old daughter at home, but she is already pregnant with her fourth child, so of course we have to know -- did she plan to get pregnant again so soon!? Well, at her book signing in New York City on Tuesday, Spelling dished about her latest pregnancy with Us Weekly, and we finally have our answer!

"All my friends keep asking me," Spelling admits, regarding whether or not she planned to get pregnant so fast. "I'm like 'Seriously!?' Hattie was one month old, do you think it was planned?" she added. Either way, Spelling seems to be perfectly happy and ready to welcome another baby into the world, and has only been positive about her pregnancy thus far.

Tori Spelling At Her Book Signing

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Of course, the pregnancy also didn't follow doctors orders. "The doctor said, 'Wait six weeks [to have sex]," she dished, "and Dean [McDermott] was like, 'They tell everyone that.' We didn't wait that long with Stella or Liam. I was like, 'Well, I don't want him to think the sex is going downhill!' So now we're on baby number four."

Spelling also admitted that Liam and Stella were not as excited for this baby sibling as they were when they found out Hattie, Spelling's most recent child, was arriving. Hopefully when the new baby is born, due September, their spirits will liven up a bit, right!?

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