Earlier this week, Vampire Diaries EP Julie Plec teased that the April 19 episodewould contain some "series-wide epicness." And she so wasn't kidding! Read on to read myrecap – but just remember, recaps, by their very nature, include SPOILERS!

Jeremy, Damon, and Elena in a scene from The Vampire Diaries "Heart of Darkness"

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And thus, season 3, episode 19 of The Vampire Diaries, titled "Heart of Darkness," shallforever go down in history as one of the best hours of television EVER. Or, atleast it will forever be known as the episode that housed the best two minutesof television ever. You all know what I'm talking about, of course – DAMON ANDELENA'S KISS!!! This is nothing likethat wimpy, hesitant kiss on the porch – thisis real.

But let's get to the other amazingness of the episodefirst.

Alaric and Stefan in a scene from The Vampire Diaries

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Alaric is locked in the Salvatore dungeon. OK, it'stechnically a cellar, but it's more fun to call it a dungeon. Stefan isdetermined to do whatever it takes to get the location of the remaining WickeryBridge stake out of Evilaric (yes, that's what we're calling him now). And"whatever it takes" includes torture. Is it just me, or is theresomething totally hot about these two guys in a dungeon together, emotions andtension flying? It gets to the point where bad Stefan (I've missed you, buddy!)is about to kill Alaric – and that when Evilaric breaks. "The stake is inthe cave," he says, "where no vampire can get it." Suddenly itseems so obvious. Of course he wouldhave hidden it there. Why didn't I think of that?

It's that time of year again – the Mystic Falls Highdecade dance! Caroline wants to do the '70s, which makes sense because theyjust did the '50s and '60s, but Rebekah switches it up – she wants to do the'20s. And Matt agrees: "Bellbottoms and disco? I don't know, this justseemed cooler." Ding ding ding, correct answer, Mr. Donovan! After thisweek's Glee disco debacle, I'm all for the '20s plan. Matt givesRebekah a ride home, and they have a little smiley moment that is sooooadorable –am I the only one who lovesthese two together? Rebekah is so giddy! Even though she's been alive for athousand years, she really hasn't lived at all. I would love to see Matt go back on his no-vampires stance and get togetherwith Rebekah.

Tyler and Caroline in a scene from The Vampire Diaries

Caroline goes to see Tyler. The first thing he says? "Youhave no idea how much I've missed you." Swoon! Cue Tyler/Caroline sexytimein the old Lockwood slave prison set to angsty pop music. Finally, after lots of delicious vamp/hybrid sex, theyget around to talking. He tells her he feels freer, but he won't know for sureif the sire bond is broken until he tests it, and she tells him the wholestake/Original/bloodline conundrum. Later, Tyler finds the pretty mediocre drawingKlaus drew for Caroline and realizes maybe more has happened in his absencethan Caroline has let on. He decides to find somewhere else to spend the night.But she loves you, Tyler! She doesn'tlove Klaus! Though, it is kind of strange that she kept the picture. On hernightstand. That's, like, one step away from framing it and hanging it over herbed.

Jeremy, Damon, and Elena in a scene from The Vampire Diaries "Heart of Darkness"

OK, now we getto the juicy stuff! Stefan gets the idea for Damon and Elena to go together tocheck on Jeremy. He's convinced she needs to figure out her unresolved feelingsfor Damon: "No matter what I go through to get her back… none of thatmatters if she has feelings for somebody else." Oh Stefan, always so wise.

Rose in a scene from The Vampire Diaries

Suddenly they're in Denver – wait, what happened on thetrip there?! I need some quality Damon & Elena time, please! When they getthere, they find out Jeremy is "friends" with Kol. Oops. Guess thewhole "compel Jeremy and send him to Denver to be safe" plan was notso brilliant after all. They want Jeremy to talk to dead vamp Rose to find outwho turned her. Welcome back, LaurenCohan! I love you on The Walking Dead,but I miss you on VD! Rose tells Jerthat she's happy on "the other side" and that she's rooting for himand Elena… but Jeremy doesn't pass on that last bit of information.

We find out that someone named "Scary" MaryPorter sired Rose. She lives in Kansas and she's a total vampire hoarder. Somebodycall A&E –I think we've got a new hit show on our hands! Anyway, Mary'sdead – Kol killed her. And now we're no close to finding out what Original'sbloodline the Salvatores are part of. That's the kind of information they savefor a season finale.

Elena and Damon in a scene from The Vampire Diaries

But who cares about bloodlines and vampire hoarders when Elenaand Damon are having the most amazing scene everin the motel! Let's just relive this step by step, shall we? He thinks she'sasleep but really she's watching him in all his bare-chested, introspective, gorgeousDamon goodness. They lock eyes and he joins her on the bed. They have anincredibly honest conversation about him not wanting to show people the good inhim because then they'll expect goodfrom him, and they hold hands and Elena's pretty much hyperventilating withdesire. Every Delena fan in the world is holding their breath right now… and ohboy. They leave the room – and BAM,  she throws herself at him, right by the vendingmachine! Holy moly. Somewhere bells are sounding, angels are singing, andfireworks are exploding. Was that not the BEST KISS IN THE HISTORY OF THEWORLD?!?! Yes, yes it was. Damn.

Elena and Damon in a scene from The Vampire Diaries

Later, Damon realizes that Elena's still trying to figureout what she wants and that she's kinda been hoping he'll do something to screwit all up and make her decision for her. But he tells her he's not going tomake it easy for her – she's going to have to figure this one out on her own. Andshe has three episodes left this season to do it! Rose sums the whole thing up perfectly to Jeremy: Stefan will alwaysbe good for Elena. But Damon challenges her– which could mean he's either the bestthing for her… or the worst. Best! I vote best!

In the end, Rebekah accompanies Evilaric to the cave andhas him retrieve the stake. And then… she crosses the threshold! What?!Vampires can't go in there! But, as we soon find out, it's not Rebekah – it'sEsther, inside Rebekah's body! And she wants to help Evilaric kill all the Originals.Crazytown.

Are you team Delena or Stelena?

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