The big question on every Vampire Diaries fan's mind lately is, "So are Damon and Elena getting together or aren't they?" The show has certainly been hinting at a possible union between the gorgeous vampire and the teenage doppelganger that he loves, but after Elena and Stefan's conversation in the last episode where they told each other that they've never stopped loving each other, who knows anymore? Well, we've got some hot Vampire Diaries scoop that could very well be good news for all you Delena fans out there! (Remember, if you don't like SPOILERS, stop reading now!) But first check out this hot new May sweeps ad, courtesy of EW:

Vampire Diaries season 3 May sweeps poster

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OK, let's analyze, shall we?

- Elena's in the forefront. Does that mean her character will be more prominent during May sweeps than she's been the past few episodes? No more day dates with Matt, please.

- Klaus is almost hidden behind that bloody Salvatore tomb. Add that to the tagline, "Is this where the bloodline ends?" and this could be a major hint that if Klaus dies, so do the Salvatores.

- Stefan is closer to Elena but Damon is higher up. Maybe that's some sort of symbolism signifying that Stefan might be closer to Elena's heart now, but Damon's about to do something that will elevate him to a higher "Elena affection" status?

- And what the heck does it mean that Elena's in a ballgown and the rest of them are in (totally sexy, I might add) casual wear?

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Alright, now that my probably all-wrong overanalyzing is over, let's get to the Delena scoop!

Ian Somerhalder recently told E! Online, "I thinkthat Elena is extremely confused, but she's being very honest about it. She'sextremely honest about her feelings for Damon and she's extremely honest abouther feelings for Stefan. I think that her seeking out the way she feels about either one of them,where her heart ultimately needs to be and how it all works is going to makefor some really good story telling. I know that the season finale, the relationshipbetween the two of them, you see how much Damon cares about her."Leave it to the Vampire Diaries to wait until the season finale to throw us a Delena bone -- then we'll have to wait four months to find out what happens! Talk about a cliffhanger!

But wait -- when a Delena fan asked TVLine's Michael Ausiello for some Damon & Elena hope, he simply responded, "Don’tmiss the April 19 episode. Trust me." April 19?! That's only a week away! That's way better than having to wait until the season finale!

Do you hope Damon & Elena get together or are you still rooting for a Stefan & Elena reunion?

Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly