Fact: America loves Damian McGinty. The Irish import is so talented and adorable, in fact, that Glee creator Ryan Murphy added a second winner to The Glee Project just so he could get Damian on the show! Damian's character Rory Flanagan, the Irish exchange student that Brittany thought was a leprechaun, has been a truly great addition to the show this season.

Hollywire's Chelsea Briggs chatted with Damian at Logo's New Now Next Awards and got the scoop on what it was like singing a One Direction song, how excited Damian is for Lindsay Lohan's upcoming guest appearance, and his favorite part of being on Glee.

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Damian said the experience recording a One Direction song was "so much fun." Actually, he seems to think every single thing about being on Glee is fun! Even during the moments where he's just sitting in the choir room watching someone else perform, he says that it's a truly great learning experience. Damian beat out thousands of Glee Project hopefuls to win his spot on Glee and we love that he loves his job so much!

But aside from the musical numbers and the learning opportunities, what's Damian's favorite part about being on the show? Sitting next to the gorgeous Dianna Agron in the makeup trailer every day! Could he get any more adorable?!

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As for Lindsay's upcoming guest appearance, Damian seems geniunely awestruck at the possibility of meeting her. "She's always been a girl I've really, really liked, so yeah, it's gonna be really cool," he says. What's his favorite Lindsay movie? Freaky Friday, of course!

So what's up next on Glee? Well, we'll find out tonight whether Quinn's alive or dead after her super-scary car crash (check back tomorrow morning for my recap!). As for the fate of Damian and the other actors on the show, he says he's still waiting to find out. I think we should start a "Save Rory Flanagan" petition right now!

Do you hope Damian comes back to Glee for season four?