Emma Stone is one lucky lady. Not only is she a Golden Globe-nominated actress and one of the coolest chicks in Hollywood, she makes millions by kissing hot guys on-screen! (OK, I know there's more to acting than just kissing boys but it's definitely a career perk.) So when she went on Ellen in an episode scheduled to air today, Ellen DeGeneres put her on the spot and asked her who's the better kisser -- Ryan Gosling or Andrew Garfield?

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Emma's answer was appropriately diplomatic. She replied, after some consideration, that it's like comparing apples and oranges. And she likes all fruit!

Good answer, Emma! Because don't forget that Andrew is not only her Amazing Spider-Man co-star, he's also her real-life boyfrined! So she couldn't very well say that Ryan is a better kisser, could she? And if Andrew really is the better kisser, she couldn't throw nicest-guy-in-the-world Ryan Gosling under the bus like that, either. And besides, kissing someone on-camera while playing a role and being watched by hundreds of crew members is very different than kissing someone in real life. And as far as I know, Emma hasn't kissed Ryan in real-life. So... yeah. Apples and oranges indeed!

During the same interview, Ellen presented Emma with her worst fear: spiders! Ellen ends up throwing the spiders at Emma and she freaks out. But it's OK because they're fake! Totally mean but also totally hilarious.

Which of Emma's on-screen make-out partners would you like to get the chance to kiss, on-screen or otherwise?

Video courtesy of Ellen