The brand-new 30-second teaser for True Blood season five is so hot and throws so much at you so quickly that you'll want to watch it again and again just to try to catch everything! Luckily we have it for you right here, so you can do just that! Beware though, this sneak peek video includes some pretty big season five spoilers so if you don't want any clues as to what happens to the whole Bon Temps gang, scroll no further!

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So obviously, the big question is, Where the heck is Tara?! I know she was shot in the head at the end of last season, but I couldn't help but hold out hope that she would somehow pull through. But she's nowhere to be seen in this trailer. Could she really be dead? Or... could she be a vampire? If I had to put money on it, I'd go with the latter. Here's why: we see Sookie and someone else (I couldn't catch who is was) digging what appears to be a grave. If Tara were really dead, they would probably just go the traditional route and let the local funeral home take care of all the arrangments. But what if Sookie was able to get a vampire to turn Tara before she died? There are plenty of vampires to go around in Bon Temps, after all. And as we all know, in True Blood lore, the way to get turned into a vampire is to be drained of your blood by a vamp and then spend the night in the ground with them. So maybe that's what the grave is for! I hope so, at least!

As for the other stuff that happens in the trailer, here are some questions I have:

- Who the heck is Eric kissing and why is it not Sookie?

- Who is Alcide fighting with? (Actually, why is Alcide still around at all? The werewolf storyline on this show is so blahhh.)

- What the heck is wrong with Terry?

- WHO is narrating this thing?

- What got blown up?

- Why is Sam ripping his shirt off? Can't shape-shifters undo buttons the normal way like the rest of us?

- Who is Lafayette so surprised to see? Is it vampire Tara? Or could Jesús be back somehow?

True Blood returns to HBO this June! Finally!

Do you have any answers to these questions? Or did this promo raise questions of your own?

Video courtesy of YouTube