This Tuesday's all-new episode of Glee is going to be a good one, guys -- they're doing a Whitney Houston tribute episode! That means a full 42 minutes' worth of the New Directions kids singing Whitney classics, including this absolutely stunning acapella rendition of "How Will I Know." Watch the sneak peek clip below!

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Did that not give you major chills?! Already this episode is leaps and bounds better than last week's disco fiasco. And it's so nice to hear a rare acapella song on Glee. Sure, it's over-produced and auto-tuned, but what song on Glee isn't? It's still beautiful and heartfelt and such a fitting tribute to Whitney Houston.

It's also nice to see that, rather than doing a big number with the entire glee club, the show chose to feature only the singers whose voices are right for this type of harmonizing -- Rachel, Mercedes, Santana, and Kurt. Of course, there will surely be big group numbers in the episode as well, but this is a good sign that they're going to spend more time focusing on doing Whitney -- and her music -- justice rather than trying to get Finn to dance well.

There will also probably be some memorializing/eulogizing of Whitney during the episode as well -- in this clip we see the four of them building a short of shrine to her in a locker. Maybe they'll have another scene like the post-high-school-dreams scene where they all go around the circle and share what Whitney's music means to them?

Besides "How Will I Know,' which Whitney Houston songs do you think Glee will tackle in Tuesday's episode?

Video courtesy of YouTube / FOX