We've seen the pictures of Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens rockin' their bikinis and partying on the set of Spring Breakers, but now we finally have some actual behind-the-scenes VIDEO from one of the most buzzed about films of the year!

Selena hit up Entertainment Tonight in Canada to share the exclusive footage, which shows the girls drinking, partying on the beach, and even getting arrested. All three girls also opened up the film that may cause some controversy because of their young fans. In fact, according to Vanessa and Ashley, it is likely to be rated R! Vanessa shared that in the film the girls get arrested for "coke...weed...lots of illegal stuff!"

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However, while it definitely was a risk for Selena and Vanessa, who started out on the Disney channel, to star in this film, they're both definitely excited about it. Selena said she's even warned mothers who bring their kids to watch the movie being filmed NOT to let their children see the flick, but just have them watch her Disney channel show instead. "It'll definitely be controversial I think, but I'm ready for it," she added.

A blonde Vanessa added to the discussion by explaining why the bad-girl roles were so appealing to her and the other young ladies. "As an actor it's fun to mix it up and prove to yourself and see how far you can go." Plus, it doesn't hurt that the three girls were already friends before filming started...and now they're totally BFF's, right?!

Do you think the roles are too controversial for these Disney darlings?!

Photos Courtesy of: Fame/Flynet