Oh Zac Efron. He's sodreamy, right? With the release of his most mature role to date in The LuckyOne, we here at Hollywire decided to take a look back at how he went from everyteenage girl’s celebrity crush to the full-blown A-list heartthrob he is today!

Take a peek at our countdown of the ever-so-handsome Zac throughout the years below!

Zac Efron in 'Summerland' promo picture

Year: 2004

Milestone: Bookedfirst big TV regular role on Summerland

His role onSummerland was his first big break into the entertainment business and peoplestarted to take notice of those baby blue eyes!

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Zac Efron in green sweater for 'High School Musical'

Year: 2006

Milestone: TroyBolton in Disney Channel’s smash hit High School Musical

Zac sang and dancedhis way into the hearts of teenage girls across the world and made a name forhimself as THE teen heartthrob.

Zac Efron Vanessa Hudgens collage at 'Charlie St. Cloud' premiere

Year: 2006-2010

Milestone: Hislong-term, loving relationship with Vanessa Hudgens

These two were inseparablethroughout their rise to superstardom. Zac totally showed the world how lovingand affectionate he is and made girls everywhere want to trade places withVanessa!

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Zac Efron shirtless on the beach collage

Year: 2011

Milestone: Rippedand shirtless on the beach

Okay, Zac totallyproved to everyone that he is definitely not a teen anymore! Photos startedpopping up everywhere of him frolicking around the beach looking toned and swoon-worthy!

Zac Efron looking over his shoulder at the LA premiere of 'The Lucky One'

Year: 2012

Milestone: His roleas Logan Thibault in The Lucky One

Zac has oftencalled his role as 1st Sgt. Logan in The Lucky One his most mature roleof his career. Just by watching the trailer alone it’s obvious that Zac isbound to not only be an A-list heartthrob, but one of the best actors around!

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Photos Courtesy of Getty Images & Fame Fly Net