UH-OH! Are the rumors true -- did Hollywood's HOTTEST young couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez really break up!? That's the news that has been buzzing around the Internet all weekend, after Justin sent a cryptic tweet reading, "Thank you for the time I had with you but now I have to move on."

The tweet was deleted almost immediately, but that doesn't mean Beilebers everywhere didnt go crazy thinking their man was finally back on the market. Unfortunately for Bieber fans around the world...the tweet had absolutely nothing to do with a break up from Selena, according to E! News. In fact, insiders even confirmed to the news site that the tweet was a complete fake, and the only reason Justin and Selena haven't spent much time together lately is because she is in Bulgaria filming The Getaway.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber on the Set of 'Boyfriend'

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However, that doesn't mean the love is lost in this young romance! According to one of E!'s insiders, Selena and Justin "talk constantly" and video chat with each other every chance they get. Of course, that isn't as easy as it sounds! Not only is there a time difference, but Selena is busy filming every day, and Justin has recently been preparing for his performance on last night's Billboard Music Awards, while also getting ready for the release of his new album Believe.

So...it looks like we can get ready for a lot more Jelena moments when Selena returns to the states! In fact, E!'s source revealed that the couple is planning to reunite on Memorial Day weekend with some big plans. Shall we assume we're in for some more bikini and shirtless pics on the beach!? Let's hope so!

What do you think Selena and Justin have planned for their reunion!?

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