Season two of The X Factor has begun and fans are eagerlywaiting to see Britney Spears and Demi Lovato as the new judges.  A sneak peek clip of what’s to come has beenreleased to hold fans over a little bit longer! Dream come true? Duh!

Check it out!

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Since auditions began yesterday in Austin, Texas, of courserumors are already swirling about Britney’s on-set attitude! TMZ is reportingthat the judge walked off the set and returned four contestants later. Apparently,Britney was “overwhelmed” by everything and needed to leave. Don’t worry, Britcleared it all up for us! She headed to Twitter and wrote, “#Britneywalksoff???LOL was just taking a little break people. I am having the BEST time!!!”

Glad to hear it, Britney! Maybe next time get the okay totake a little break before walking away mid-auditions. But since she's getting a $15 million paycheck, but she should be able to do what she wants!

Who are you more interested in their new judging position –Britney or Demi?