Eva Mendes went on the Ellen show yesterday to plug her new movie Girl in Progress and while she was there, Ellen presented her with a very thoughtful gift -- a double-"onesie" for Eva to share with her beau Ryan Gosling. And that's when Eva got all giggly and flustered! Check it out:

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See, a while back, Ryan went on Ellen and demonstrated how he likes to work out in onesie footed pajamas. Ellen absolutely loved that (she even joined him in the demonstration) and brought it up again yesterday during Eva's visit. The funniest part about the whole thing is that even though Ryan and Eva have been dating since September (that's 8 whole months!), neither Eva nor Ellen flat-out acknowledged that Eva and Ryan are a couple. It was a whole lot of "wink, wink," "hint, hint."

"I don'tknow if you ever run into him," Ellen said. "if you know him in any way, or see himever." To which Eva replied, "So ask Gosling about the onesie. OK,note to self: Ask Gosling about the onesie."

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"So you just call him by the last name?"Ellen said, laughing. "You don't call him Ryan? You just call him Gosling—whenyou see him ever?" And then Eva dissolved into a fit of adorable, giddy giggles. She really likes him -- you can so tell!

Ellen then gave Eva the double-onesie, which is pretty much the most awesome thing ever. Although, Eva probably prefers to spend her time with Ryan wearing a lot less than flannel head-to-toe body suits. And really, can you blame her?

Would you wear a double-onesie with your significant other?

Video courtesy of Ellen