Will Stacee Jaxx become one of the best fictional rock stars of all time?

That's what Tom Cruise is hoping for when Rock of Ages is released today! While it remains to be seen whether Stacee and the rest of his band Arsenal will live up to the hype the movie has been getting, there have been plenty of other fake rock bands and rock stars that have made it big in TV and film. Check out our rundown of the 8 best fictional rock stars of all time!

8. Wild Stallyns Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted's (Keanu Reeves) slacker dude madness and aspiring rock band helped make the 1989 film Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure one of the most popular of the '80s. The scenes of Wyld Stallyns rocking out were even more popular with fans than the phone booth that helped Bill and Ted bring back historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon.

Wyld Stallyns Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

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7. Hannah Montana Before Miley Cyrus ever started her real-life singing career that became a Party in the USA, she played the role of an average teenage girl named Miley Stewart who became famous pop star Hannah Montana at night. The show lasted for four seasons and propelled Miley into A-list stardom.

Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus

6. Shane Gray It's easy to play the role of a rock star when you're already one in real life! In the 2008 TV movie Camp Rock, Joe Jonas plays the role of a spoiled rock star who gets sent to a G-rated version of rehab by working as a dance instructor at the camp. The movie ended up going on to launch a sequel, two very successful soundtracks and a world tour.

Shane Gray Joe Jonas Camp Rock

5. Tom and Barry Howe Becoming a rock star is hard enough, but imagine making that happen with your brother--when you're siamese twins! Harry and Luke Treadaway took on the role of rock stars joined at the hip in the 2005 film Brothers of the Head. The brothers aren't siamese twins in real life, but had to be attached to each other for 15 hours a day on set!

Howe Brothers Harry and Luke Treadaway

4. Chris "Izzy" Cole Rock star dreams can come true! That was the take-home message in the 2001 film Rock Star, where Mark Wahlberg took on the role of a tribute band singer who moves on to become lead vocalist of his favorite 80s band Steel Dragon. Unfortunately, despite the great performance scenes, the movie ended up bombing at the box office.

Chris "Izzy" Cole Mark Wahlberg

3. Dewey Finn What do you do when you're kicked out of your band? You get a bunch of fifth-graders and rock out at a Battle of the Bands competition! That's what Jack Black did in the 2003 film School of Rock. But even though his band of pre-teen misfits missed the $20,000 grand prize by coming in second place, they won the real battle to win over the crowd and were called out on stage for an encore.

Dewey Finn Jack Black

2. Russell Hammond Playing the role of a guitarist in the band Stillwater in the 2000 film Almost Famous, Billy Crudup's character defined rock star excess. The scenes full of drugs, groupies, and sold-out crowds inspired almost everyone who saw the movie to pick up a guitar and jam out. Almost Famous was praised by critics as one of the best films of the year and went on to receive a Grammy and an Oscar in 2001.

Russell Hammond Billy Crudup

1. Spinal Tap Rob Reiner and the rest of the boys from the 1984 mockumentary This is Spinal Tap parodied the wild excess and pretentious behavior of '70s and '80s hard rock stars absolutely perfectly. The movie had modest success at first, but has since gone on to become a cult classic and been deemed one of the best films of all time. The fake band has even gone on tour the world and release music under the Spinal Tap name!

Spinal Tap

Who is your pick for best fictional rock star of all time? Are there any that we missed?

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