It's not uncommon for daughters to get mad at their fathers when they put their foot down, but a new memoir written by Amy Winehouse's father Mitch shows he was more than justified in showing some tough love.

The memoir entitled Amy, My Daughter was released today and among the biggest shockers is that Amy "went mad" at Mitch for thwarting her plans to sneak crack cocaine into her rehab facility! That's according to Entertainmentwise. Not only that, but the incident came just a few days after Amy suffered a seizure from drugs hidden inside a teddy bear by her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil!

Amy Winehouse in 2011

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"We had security guys working shifts to look after her by this time and the next day I took a call from one of them to warn me that a package was on its way,'' he wrote in the memoir. ''I jumped in my cab, and reached the clinic just in time to see a known drug-dealer with a bunch of flowers for Amy. The security man searched the bouquet and found a rock of crack cocaine. Amy went mad when she found out we'd intercepted the drug.''

The book also discusses Mitch's disappointment in Amy's decision to marry Blake and her tragic death from alcohol poisoning in July 2011. However, the memoir is far from a way for him to cash in on his daughter's death. All proceeds from the book will be donated directly to a charity set up in Amy's name.

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