Even famous faces get nervous around other celebrities!

Just ask Booboo Stewart. The  star of The Twilight Saga series joined his sister and fellow teen actor Fivel Stewart to talk with our Chelsea Briggs about how she choked up meeting Channing Tatum--twice! Booboo also dished on what fans can expect from November's release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Fivel has been to plenty of awards shows and red carpets, but said that her two meetings with  Channing left her weak in the knees. "I went to the Premiere for The Vow and met him and I started crying my eyes out. Again!" she said. What was the other time? "We're at the Teen Choice Awards and he walked by (Fivel) with his wife and she starts crying," said Booboo. Aww!

And are there any new bombshells for the upcoming Twilight Saga release? "There are so many new faces in the Twilight series, so I think fans are going to be excited about meeting all the new characters," said Booboo. We can't wait!


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Will you be watching Part 2 of The Twilight Saga?