Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones try to remain BFF’s afterseparating from marriage and well, it’s a lot harder than they thought! The twostar in the upcoming film Celeste & Jesse Forever and the trailer has justhit the web for your viewing pleasure!

Check it out!

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Hollywire chatted with Andy and Rashida at the 2012 SundanceFilm Festival in Park City, Utah a few months ago and – no surprise – they hadus laughing the whole time on the carpet. Besides cracking jokes during thechat, the two talked about co-writing the film together and highlighting eachother’s hair. Whether that was another joke or total seriousness, we’re stillnot quite sure.

The film hits theaters in August!

Will you check out Celeste & Jesse Forever? And what doyou think about couples trying to remain friends after breaking up? Is it evenpossible?