It looks like even Charlie Sheen realizes he wasn't in such a "winning" position last year!

The former star of CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men has a new show coming out on FX appropriately titled Anger Management, but Charlie admits the road in between those shows was more than bumpy. In an interview with Rolling Stone that hits stands today, the Warlock opened up about his crazy antics last year and defended his hard-partying ways.

Charlie Sheen on TODAY, March 2012 

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Speaking on his highly public meltdown after quitting Two and a Half Men last year, Charlie admitted the Tiger Blood may have gotten to his head when he gave interviews about how great life was. "Clearly, a guy gets fired, his relationships are in the toilet, he's off on some fu***** tour, there's nothing 'winning' about any of that," he said. "I mean, how does a guy who's obviously quicksanded, how does he consider any of it a victory? I was in total denial."

But while Charlie was embarrassed about some of his behavior, he made no qualms about enjoying drinking and partying. "I mean, the s*** works. Sorry, but it works," he said. "Anyway, I don't see what's wrong with a few drinks. Mine's vodka. Straight, because I've always said that ice is for injuries." Some things will never change!
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