It looks like the critics needed some anger management after watching Charlie Sheen's new show!

Anger Management premieres tonight on FX, but several critics managed to catch the show's debut before it airs and were far from kind in their assessment. If their reviews are any indication, it's highly unlikely the show will make it past the first season!

Charlie Sheen on the Wendy Williams show, September 2011

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Check out the brutally harsh reviews that several publications had for Charlie's acting and the show itself.

Huffington Post: Let me be clear: If Sheen wants to continue to act, that's fine. I never expected him to end his career after his various scandals and non-apology tours. But what he is doing now is not for the benefit of anyone but himself and the companies bankrolling him. Acting in a lazy, stiff, laugh-track sitcom is Charlie Sheen doing something for himself and his corporate partners. That's all.

New York Times: The plot seems to owe more to karma than clever scriptwriting. It could just as easily be titled “One and a Half Men”...“Anger Management” is at heart a simple, old-fashioned sitcom, with raucous recorded laughter and predictable one-liners.

Daily Beast: Anger Management feels like it rolled out of the same factory that continues to mass-produce Two and a Half Men...It’s entirely episodic and intentionally repetitive, lazy situational comedy writ large.

Ouch! Looks like this might be Charlie's biggest trainwreck moment yet! You can see the premiere for yourself tonight at 9:00pm.

Will you be watching the premiere of Anger Management?

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