Lindsay Lohan is nostranger to shocking, pushing-the-envelope photo shoots, but could her latestone be a little too much?

Lindsay posed forphotographer Terry Richardson at her usual hangout spot, the Chateau Marmont inL.A. Seems normal enough, right? Well, many of the photos show LiLo holding agun to her head and even putting it into her mouth!

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Lindsay Lohan holding a gun to her head for photo shoot

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The photos of Lindsayposing with the handgun have been removed from Terry’s website, leaving ones ofher posing with her cigarette and racy lingerie.

Okay, we know this is typical behavior from Lindsay, getting people talking, but is this going a bittoo far? Terry must have thought so if he actually removed the gun photos fromhis own website. What do you guys think?

Are these photos ofLindsay a bit too racy? Or is it just art in a different form? Let us know yourthoughts in the comments section below!

Photos Courtesy of TerryRichardson