Emma Stone has shot to stardom quickly since her first big role in Superbad, and on Sunday evening she was rewarded at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards when she received the network's First Annual Trailblazer Award!

According to MTV, the award goes to an actor who has a diverse resume and takes on a variety of different roles that always keep fans guessing, which describes Emma perfectly. The actress has won audiences over by being quirky and funny in romantic comedies like Easy A and Crazy, Stupid Love, while proving she can be serious, too, with starring roles in The Help and The Amazing Spiderman.

Emma Stone Accepts the 2012 MTV Movie Awards Trailblazer Award

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During her acceptance speech, Emma pointed out that while she wants to inspire others as the award intends, she also wants to inspire originality. She noted that several actors have helped pave the way for her by giving her inspiration, but the main lesson she's learned is that we don't have to be exactly like the people who inspire us. Rather, their originiality should make us want to be more unique ourselves.

Emma even got a little choked up at the end of her speech, which was totally endearing. Oh, and we can't forget how adorable it was when her boyfriend Andrew Garfield gave her a congratulatory kiss when she was called on stage. Swoooooon!

Who are some of your favorite celebrity "trailblazers?"

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