Maybe Phillip Phillips can truly enjoy his victory now!

The American Idol winner is set to be released from the hospital today after a major surgery to remove several massive kidney stones, according to TMZ. These were the same kidney stones that made Phillip's Idol experience so painful that he even considered quitting the show! Yikes!

Phillip Phillips in May 2012

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And it turns out his condition was worse than anyone thought. Not only did the surgery take six hours, but the stent that was placed in Phillip's kidney had to be cut out with a laser because it became embedded in his body!

The biggest question his fans had though is whether he would be ready to take part in Idol's summer tour, which kicks off on July 6 in Detroit. The good news is that he's been given the all clear! "If I can sing with all those kidney stones in me, I can make the first date," he said. Let's hope for a speedy recovery!

Will you be going to Idol's summer tour?

Photos courtesy of Fame Flynet