Halle Berry is looking set to win her custody battle in a big way!

The long-standing court battle between Halle and Gabriel Aubry over their four-year-old daughter Nahla swung sharply in Halle's favor after a custody evaluation determined that Halle is the better parent, according to TMZ. Even better for Halle, the news could end up clearing the way for her plans to move to Paris--with Nahla in tow!


Halle Berry in NYC, May 2012

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After numerous interviews with Halle, Gabriel, Nahla and others, the custody evaluator determined that while Gabriel obviously loved Nahla, "personal issues" raised questions over whether he could properly care for their daughter. That means when the judge decides next month what is in the "best interest" of Nahla--being with Halle full-time or having joint custody between the former couple--he will almost definitely rule in favor of Halle having full-time custody.

Halle has said since the beginning of the hearing that she wants to move to Paris with Nahla, something that Gabriel said he is vigorously opposed to. And who can blame him? Even if he gets visitation rights, it's a bit difficult to see your kid when the only option is a 12-hour plane ride from Los Angeles.

Do you think Halle Berry should move to Paris with Nahla?

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