Justin Bieber completely took over the Big Apple for hisappearance on Today this morning. Not only did he perform his hitsingle Boyfriend – which was amazing by the way – he also sang other tracksfrom Believe, such as All Around the World and As Long As You Love Me. And didwe mention he also revisited his smash hit Baby too? Why couldn’t we be in NewYork today?!

Watch Justin as he shows off his dance moves for Boyfriend.

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Justin can’t visit Today without having a sit down with MattLauer! And Matt can’t have a chat with the Biebs without something happeningthat’s off script. Um, like Justin bringing Matt to the 21st centuryand creating him a Twitter account! This is just too good. Check it out!

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So what was Matt's first tweet? “Hello. Everyone go buy Justin bieber’s album #believe coming out June 19th." Short, simple and straight to the point! 

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Videos Courtesy of NBC