If you have nearly $90,000, you can make a down payment on a house or comfortably pay for college. Or even better, you can buy a pair of Air Yeezy's!

Nike and Kanye West have teamed up to create a limited edition brand of "Air Yeezy 2" sneakers and while they aren't in stores until tomorrow, some people couldn't wait that long. The sneaks come with a $245 price tag, but TMZ reports that some online auctions have seen bids as high as nearly $90,000! Holy Schnikes!

Kanye West's Air Yeezy 2 sneakers

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For those who don't have $90K to drop on Air Yeezy's, there's an alternative: camp outside sneaker boutiques across the country for more than a week! Seriously, guys? It's rubber and cowhide. Relax!

Let's hope that shoppers keep the peace over Air Yeezy's though. Remember all the violence that took place over Air Jordans last December?!

Have you ever camped out for an item you HAD to have?

Photos courtesy of Fame Flynet and upscalelife.com